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Free National Park and Marine Sanctuary Visitor Courses at Eppley’s 

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The Eppley Institute is honored to host free online courses for national park and marine sanctuary visitors who want to learn about resource and safety at Everglades National Park, North Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary (NOAA managed area), and Yellowstone National Park.  

These courses share an objective in teaching visitors about resource protection in the park and safety specifically when boating in Everglades or the Florida Keys and snowmobiling in Yellowstone.   The courses are: 

All of these online courses are FREE!  They share a common goal in helping the visitor learn the rules and procedures for operating safely in these sensitive public protected areas as well as specific considerations for protecting the sensitive resources in these places. All these courses discuss methods visitors can use to protect the natural resources in these aeras, and outline behavior and equipment necessary for safely using Yellowstone National Park by snowmobile and the  Florida Bay, the Gulf Coast, backcountry marine areas, Ten Thousand Islands, and Florida Keys. 

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park who use private snowmobiles must have a completed certificate, and boaters in Everglades National Park must have a certificate of completion from these online courses.  

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