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Eppley Begins Work with USFS National Accessibility Program

The Eppley Institute of Parks and Public Lands has started a multi-year collaboration with the United States Forest Service (USFS) to review and improve its National Accessibility Program over the next several years. With over 10,000 outdoor recreation areas in the USFS system, this project will focus on USFS goals to improve access but also, with Eppley’s expertise, review and streamline internal processes, modernize assessment methods, and provide increased opportunity for employee training.  

The project is kicking off with preliminary work in forests in the Midwest and Western Oregon, and with Washington staff this month.  Assessments, research, and initial activities for the project are expected to be started in late 2023 going forward into 2024 with updated approaches to continue the work in 2024. Eppley looks forward to this pivotal collaboration to improve accessibility throughout the nation. 

More information on forest recreation in the USFS.

For more information contact Eppley project manager Colleen Durkin Blackburn using