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Like Wild Things? Eppley has free courses for you!

  • Training

Eppley’s online training in wilderness and wildlands management has deep roots in its partnership with the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center in Missoula, Montana. With a suite of over 30 online courses, the Eppley-Carhart Wilderness Management trainings explain and explore management approaches for our National Wilderness Preservation System. These courses are ideal for anyone working in (or aspiring to work in) a federally designated wilderness area. 

In addition to the e-courses, Eppley offers two other training opportunities for individuals who are engaged in or want to be engaged in federal wilderness and wildlands management. The certificate is self-paced and focuses on scenario-based problem-solving and application to real-world wilderness management issues. Individuals who work near or have a career goal to steward and manage federally designated Wilderness Areas can take the Basics of Wilderness Stewardship Certificate. This course of study, $410, includes four foundational courses in wilderness management and a series of applied assignments with expert feedback. The certificate awards 1.5 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) upon completion.  

Another certificate offered by the Eppley Institute is Managing Wildlands and Wild Spaces. This certificate is designed for state and local wildland managers providing them with guidance on how to use the stewardship principles and management approaches prescribed for federal Wilderness. The certificate translates and applies these far-reaching standards to state, local, or private wildlands. The course of study explores wilderness values and characteristics and supports learners in applying these principles to wildlands anywhere from large backcountry natural areas to smaller urban islands of wildness. The cost is $410 and is awarded 1.5 CEUs upon completion.  

No matter what your level of interest or involvement in wildland and/or wilderness area management, Eppley has an option for your professional development. Learn more by visiting Eppley’s online catalog.  Kate Wiltz leads these projects for Eppley and can be reached by email at