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Eppley Discounts Online First-Line Supervisors Management Certificate

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Being a first-level supervisor in any organization is one of the most challenging jobs any person can have. The demands to lead, supervise and administer a team on the front line of agencies mission is critically important, requires an ability to work with and through other employees and volunteers, and align those efforts with the operational priorities of the agency. This first-level manager role embraces assigning priorities, planning, coordinating, delivery of, and evaluating services provided by a wide variety of employees each with different skills, attitudes and experiences. The challenges of finding adequate staffing, meeting the expectations of the public, and managing a team of individuals intermingled with agency mission, funding, and ability to recruit talented entry level employees and/or volunteers is an extremely vital success factor for any agency.

Often the first-line, or sometimes called front-line, manager begins their role without formal training or a background in managing others. Yet, the effectiveness of first-line managers as leaders is the key to having engaged employees, navigating hybrid workplaces, providing direct service to the public, creating an environment that produces a high quality of customer service, and ensuring that employees are agency mission driven.

The experts at the Eppley Center for Parks and Public Lands have created the First-Line Supervisors Management Certificate Program specifically for park and recreation agency or organization employees who are new to a supervisory role. This online learning certificate is specifically designed to help new supervisors understand the critical role and position, and to provide background in the competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities) that will lead to effective supervision, management and leadership in the front-line service delivery for the organization. This certificate is one of the first of many competency frameworks in the parks and recreation field that lead to effective management and leadership, and likely lead further to promotion opportunities for individuals.

The certificate program is discounted 20% for the entire months of June and July 2024. More information can be found here. Please use the discount code FLS2024.

Questions can be forwarded to, or called to 812.855.3095.