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Knowing More about Juneteenth with Eppley

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The Eppley Center for Parks and Public Land celebrates Juneteenth and its significance related to the national holiday with a free online course titled, Causes of The Civil War.

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Although a recent national holiday, Juneteenth holiday is one whose roots and celebration cannot be understated. The day recognizes the emancipation of African American slaves specifically in Texas, where this western Confederate state did not free enslaved people until June 19, 1865, when Union soldiers arrived and announced that the enslaved black people were free. Juneteenth is celebrated throughout the country and in a variety of ways such as parades, cookouts, church services, and showcases of African American history, genealogy, music, dance and activities for adults and children often commemorate the day.

Eppley’s online course, Causes of The Civil War, was developed with the National Park Services to tell the story of the political and social issues surrounding the Civil War. Designed for interpreters to gain primary and secondary sources, and interpretive tips to help guide public discussion and learning about the complex issues surrounding the Civil War, the course also acknowledges the importance of varying knowledge levels and backgrounds related to enslavement of black peoples celebrated by Juneteenth.