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Eppley Discounts Instructor Training Certificate Registration

Becoming an effective presenter and trainer takes experience but also a strong background and knowledge development that are critical components of training success. Eppley’s Instructor Training Certificate Program provides enrollees with this background and knowledge while exploring how to become a better instructor in informal training, staff workshops, and in any presentations.  The certificate courses are guided by seasoned Eppley staff who provide learners with a broad understanding of instructor training, particularly as it applies to park and public land agencies and their need to train adults.

While the practice of adult instruction has evolved over recent decades, the fundamental principles covered in this certificate remain highly relevant and are the foundation upon which future training techniques will be built. After completing this certificate program, learners should be able to:

  • Explain why professionally designed and delivered training for employees of Parks and Public Lands Agencies is necessary and valuable.
  • Construct lesson plans using learning objectives.
  • Develop a personal philosophy about adult education integrating evidence from adult education philosophies.
  • Identify major factors impacting the learning processes of adult learners.
  • Identify delivery methods and their applicability in learning contexts.
  • Create a safe learning environment that emphasizes ethics and diversity.
  • Develop a training evaluation plan using data gathered from training assessments.

Enroll in this certificate program at the Eppley Expand Catalog and use the discount code ITP2024.