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Eppley’s National Center on Accessibility Conducts Training for Tennessee Outdoor Recreation Professionals

National Center on Accessibility logo

Colleen Durkin-Blackburn and Kate Wiltz were joined by Ray Bloomer of the National Park Service in Tennessee’s Fall Creek Falls State Park in early April. Their mission: spreading awareness about the disability community and the ways in which parks and recreation sites can remove barriers to accessibility. The three-day training included both classroom and field-based activities in which the thirty plus participants applied accessibility and universal design standards to both indoor and outdoor settings.

Four people seated a table at the front of a classroom with two ASL interpreters and a sign above them saying “Personal Perspectives.”
Three people seated and working at a table in a large classroom.
Four people facing a long paper taped to a wall in a classroom, adding colorful sticky notes.
Several people at a boat dock, one of whom is using a tape measure decking.

Evaluations from the training were positive and continued Eppley’s National Center on Accessibility (NCA) program record of accomplishment of delivering cost efficient and effective accessibility training nationwide.