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Same Eppley, Different Name

Eppley is changing in many ways with a new online learning system (see the related news item), a search for a new director (another related news item), and new projects and programs, and behind the scenes with fiscal and administrative changes.

One of the changes that is about to happen is a name change. We are becoming the Indiana University (IU) Eppley Center for Parks and Public Lands on March 4, 2024, as we realign to IU’s organization and our continuing transition to the Vice President for Research unit at IU. That transition started in July 2020 when Eppley was moved to be a unit of the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community and has continued methodically over the past 3.5 years. The name change, and logo change below, is one of the final requirements for Eppley’s transition and alignment within Indiana University.

While our name and logo may have changed, we are the same old Eppley. We leverage extensive hands-on experience in the field, a collaborative partnership approach, and utilizing Indiana University’s outstanding resources to provide evidence-based training, planning, and research for parks and public land agencies. Eppley provides training and learning design, research, planning, and accessibility guidance to parks and public land agencies across the nation and world. Our focus on providing up to date and practical solutions for interpreting park resources, enhancing visitor experience, and managing facilities, natural resources, and cultural assets is not changing.

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