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We Bring Training to Your Neighborhood

The Eppley Institute is well known for our online trainings, from individual e-courses, to webinars and certificates; but did you know that Eppley brings in-person trainings to you? 

Whether your agency is interested in improving accessibility, playground safety, or interpretation, our trainers have a program for you. Recent workshops include Foundations of Accessibility, Interpretation 101, and Playground Maintenance Technician trainings. While we have “off the shelf” trainings for one to five days, each can be tailored to the specific needs and interests of your organization.  

If you are interested in a training for your staff or volunteers, working with our instructional design team can bring it to life. We use established competencies, developed over many years of working with parks and recreation professionals, to offer a learning experience that pairs expertise with hands-on practice. Our collaborative approach to training development also ensures that your training is truly that – yours. 

Get in touch with Eppley today to learn more about our in-person trainings and how we can meet your professional development needs.